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PT. Ispat Wire Products company profile

PT. Ispat Wire Products was established in 1991 which is the largest nail producer in Indonesia. Our working philosophy is guided towards continuous improvement in the quality of our products and services so as to surpass the best standards in the industry.



Our team operates in a progressive and collaborative environment that promotes creativity, hard work and team spirit. Being different from our competitors, we consistently deliver products that are unmatched in quality, on time and at competitive cost. 

Besides catering to a large share of the Indonesian market, PT. Ispat Wire Products Products has a significant presence in other markets as well, viz. U.S.A, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guienea, Burma to name a few. 

The ISO : 9001 certification of the plant bears witness to the effectiveness of the well defined management system in all aspects of our business involving our customers, our suppliers and ourselves.



The product certificates and management system awarded are below:

Quality Management System ISO 9001:2015
Management System SMK3
Zero accident Certification.



Company Vision

To win the competition for market leadership

Our Mission

Providing products and services of consistent high quality satisfying the requirements of our customers and eventually create a long-term and win-win relationship with our customers.

Core values

Conduct our business with highest integrity, honesty, transparency, unity, sustainable excellence and commitment to social development


PT. Ispat Wire Products

Desa kedungturi, Taman Sidoarjo

PO. Box 1083, Surabaya, Indonesia - 60010

Telephone : (62) 31-7882915, 7889480 Fax : (62) 31-7881935

E-mail :